Congenital malformations of the genitals in girls, vulvitis and vulvovaginitis are treated by a pediatric urogynecologist.

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For the treatment of malformations of the urinary and reproductive system (hypospadias, epispadias, bladder outlet obstruction, bladder exstrophy, varicocele, etc.), a pediatric urological surgeon is needed.

A consultation with a urologist is necessary if an adult (man or woman) has: painful sensations that occur when urinating; frequent feeling of fullness of the bladder, even with a small amount of accumulated urine; repeated urinary retention; clouding of urine or not associated with the intake of a certain food (beets, etc.), a change in its color; extraneous discharge when urinating; pain localized in the lower abdomen.

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increased urination, which is accompanied by cramps, weakness of pressure and an increase in body temperature; burning sensation in the perineum; pain in the rectum about bowel movements; increased fatigue and irritability; complete or partial decrease in libido; accelerated, sometimes painful ejaculation; prolonged erection at night. All of these symptoms are signs of prostatitis, but for an accurate diagnosis, the patient needs to make an appointment with a urologist.

In the presence of these symptoms, patients often try to ask a urologist online for free, but even a good urologist will not be able to make an accurate diagnosis without examination and tests.

For women, an examination by a urologist is also necessary if they have: itching or pain in the perineum, genitals, groin and lumbar region; frequent urination at night; episodic or persistent urinary incontinence when coughing, laughing, sneezing, physical exertion; rashes, erosion, or plaque on the genitals.

Signs of cystitis. In infants, they are expressed in anxiety, tearfulness and irritability, which are accompanied by rare or very frequent urination and dark yellow urine. Cystitis in children under one year old is extremely rarely accompanied by an increase in temperature. In children after a year, frequent urination may be accompanied by an increase in temperature, urine becomes cloudy, the child complains of painin the lower abdomen or perineum.

Urinary incontinence is present. Phimosis, in which the foreskin is narrowed (it is smaller than the head of the penis, so the head is difficult to open or does not open at all). It is important to remember that up to 3 years of age the foreskin is "glued" to the head, and the head should protrude beyond the borders of the foreskin by the age of six.

The presence of a red rash on the tip of the boys' genitals, which is accompanied by soreness and swelling, itching and discomfort, difficulty urinating and discharge from under the foreskin (in adolescents, the foreskin ceases to be pulled back). The absence of testicles in the scrotum (determined by palpation).


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The presence of anomalies in the structure of the genital organs. The presence of discharge and other signs of inflammation of the genitals of tadalafil. If an appointment with a urologist is not possible in the near future, you can ask a urologist a question on a specialized website, but an online urologist consultation will not replace a full-fledged examination, so you should not limit yourself only to virtual communication with a doctor.

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